Info Edit

Name: colony_limits~.prop.xml (example)

Folder: Gametuning~

Description: A couple of limiting values for space colonies (What this script does in a brief description)

Stage(s): Space

Detailed Description Edit

Adjusts how much spice per colony on a planet that planet can store. Safe level is tested at 10 to work, but you cannot store on ship more than 99 without another mod. This may glitch homeworlds with 12 colonies, 8 is maximum for homeworld with 12 colonies to not exceed 99. Tested safe with 1, though that would make space even more annoying.

This file also contains values describing the "territory limits" for colonies -- those rings that appear around existing colonies or ones yet to be placed. The larger these are, the more space needed between each colony, and the further colonies can be placed from Spice geysers. Note that increasing this will also increase the minimum distance a colony must be placed from Spice geysers. Basically, the territory radius value affects both minimum and maximum distance from both spice geysers and colonies.

Properties Edit

<key name="parent" groupid="spacetools~" instanceid="tooltemplate" typeid="prop" />