Name: spacegalacticconstants.prop.xml

Folder: Gametuning~

Description: Defines values concerning the structure of the galaxy (and possibly star system).

Stage(s): Space

Detailed Description Edit

Values about the positioning of star systems and possibility of finding a rare in the system. Also, planets' orbiting speed may be defined here.

Properties Edit

  • averageMoonOrbitPeriodGasGiant
  • averageMoonOrbitPeriodRocky
  • averagePlanetaryOrbitPeriod
  • galacticCoreTravelLimit
  • galacticRevolutionMaxDistance
  • galacticRevolutionMinDistance
  • galacticRevolutionRateMax
  • galacticRevolutionRateMin
  • orbitEcentricity (vector form)
  • orbitPlanarDeviation (vector form)
  • percentChanceStarHasRare
  • planetStartingOrientation
  • rotationAxisDevation (vector form)
  • rotationPeriod (vector form)
  • solarSpeedMultiplier

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