This is a template for a specific .prop.xml file in spore. If all the files in a folder are homogenous (e.g. spacetools~) there should be just one file for the entire folder, using the Folder Template.

Name: colony_limits~.prop.xml (example)

Folder: gametuning~/

Description: A couple of limiting values for space colonies (What this script does in a brief description)

Stage(s): Space

Detailed Description Edit

(This is a more detailed description, saying what exactly are the effects. For the example above it would be):

Adjusts how much spice per colony on a planet that planet can store. Safe level is tested at 10 to work, but you cannot store on ship more than 99 without another mod. This may glitch homeworlds with 12 colonies, 8 is maximum for homeworld with 12 colonies to not exceed 99. Tested safe with 1, though that would make space even more annoying.

Properties Edit

(Links to all properties that are known to be legal in this file, whether or not originally present in Spore. A default value should be specified here only if it is important and different from the default value for that property generally. Usually this would only be the parent property, which )

  • parent
<key name="parent" groupid="spacetools~" instanceid="tooltemplate" typeid="prop" />
  • description
  • spaceToolAmmoUsedPerShot
  • spaceToolBuyCost
  • spaceToolContext