Name: spacesuperpowers~.prop.xml

Folder: gametuning~/

Description: Some superpower-related values.

Stage(s): Space

Detailed Description Edit

Adjusts values of the rewards for the traits your species gains throughout the earlier stages of the game.

These are the lines of code, their default values, and their function:

  <float name="SuperPowerBioDisasterFrequencyMultiplier">3</float>

The change in frequency of eco-distasters caused by the "green keeper" trait, obtained by being religious n the civilization stage. Remember that the higher the number, the longer it takes for eco-disasters to occur.

  <float name="SuperPowerEnergyMultiplier">1.5</float>

The multiplier on your maximum energy capacity if you have the "Power monger" trait. By default, it is set to 50% higher than normal. A value of 1 would mean no change.

  <float name="SuperPowerHealthMultiplier">1.5</float>

This is like the previous line, except it deals with the maximum amount of health instead of energy, and it applies to the health-increasing trait.

  <float name="SuperPowerRaidFrequencyMultiplier">3</float>

Like the "Green Keeper" trait, this line effects the change in frequency of pirate attacks if you have the "Pirates B Gone" trait.

  <float name="SuperPowerSpeedMultiplier">2</float>

Effects the speed of interstellar travel for the trait obtained by being adaptable in the creature stage. A value of 2 means double the speed of someone who doesn't have the trait.


  <float name="SuperPowerSpiceIncreaseMultiplier">1.5</float>

Effects the speed of spice production for the "spice savant" trait, obtained by being economic in the civilization stage.

  <float name="SuperPowerToolCostMultiplier">0.8</float>

Effects the price of a particular type of tool if you have a particular type of trait. This value effects multiple traits- for instance, it effects the price colonization tools for the "colonization craze" trait. It also applies to the price of friendly tools or weapons depending on the trait.

Properties Edit

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